Jul 1, 2021

Amazing Things about Andaz Singapore for First-Timers

Having a chance to stay at Andaz Singapore is the real outstanding experience that everyone wants. As one of the most luxurious hotels in the city, it attracts visitors worldwide with its superb facilities and luxurious amenities. The beautiful interior pampers the eye of guests who have such great taste in the best luxury hotel.

Things to Know About Andaz Singapore 

There are lots of things to know about this magnificent hotel. Some guests are first-timers here. So there are some things that they need to find out before arriving. First, the entry gate is on the building’s third floor. Once they enter the building, they will notice the extravagant meeting spaces. There, guests can directly access the elevator bank to reach the lobby that lies on the 25th floor.

The nice thing about the lobby of Andaz Singapore and other chains of Andaz worldwide is the very warm welcome from the staff, where guests can also enjoy some foods and drinks that they can try for free while they are checking in. 

The overall amenities within the lobby are perfectly remarkable places where guests can also sit nicely in the Sunroom, a very cozy place in the lobby. The Sunroom allows guests to try free refreshments. 

Anyway, for those who want something different, then they can go directly to “Andaz Lounge Hour.” With a free bar and wine, the lounge hour offers Andaz Pale Ale, the signature brew of the hotel. It is served only from 5 to 7 pm every night.

What Else Does The 25th Floor Have?

It seems that this floor is an attraction for all guests. Besides the classy lobby and lounge hour, guests can also enjoy perfect lunch at The Green Oven. As the name implies, the restaurant has such a giant oven in green for cooking all the dishes. Its most favorite menu among guests is the roasted spring chicken that is served with roasted vegetables. Most reviewers claim that the best cocktail in here is Marzipisco. 

Another attractive place is the Alley on 25. The menus are outstanding and have a great variety of foods and drinks. Meanwhile, the spot is nice with the open-air environment. Moving from one restaurant to another is incredibly seamless. For sure, the balcony offers the best photo background for anyone who wants to upload their memorable vacation in Singapore.

The peak of the building is the 39th floor where guests mostly take pictures on the fascinating rooftop bar and infinity pool. Of course, all suites and rooms on the floor offer wonderful panoramas of the city from the height of the building.

 The Real Impression

The Andaz Singapore has various classy rooms where guests can have great relaxation with the perfectly designed interior that emphasizes energy-saving features. The giant-sized windows facing the city’s panorama are magnificent and add natural light to each room. 

Generally speaking, Andaz Singapore has a completely ultramodern and opulent design that appeals to all visitors. The endless choices of drinking and eating will never disappoint any throughout their stays.


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